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IMA C21, C23, C50, C51

We at Experteas will offer you the best service at the best possible prices!

About Us

Experteas is based in Sydney  Australia. We offer a  very special service to all customers with IMA tea bag machines.

We specialise in the IMA C21 and IMA C23 machines. Your reconditioned machines will be running at a greater efficiency and your production will increase.

 Experteas has saved many thousands of dollars for clients in sourcing after market IMA parts. We also offer solutions for re-building your worn out parts, such as dosing heads. In many situations we can save these parts and you money. Do not purchase any new parts until you have spoken with us.

We donít just recondition your machines. If you wish we will have one or two of your technicians or mechanics with us at every stage of the work. You will be given a daily report  of the reconditioning process.

Experteas guarantees to improve your efficiency and production.

Used IMA machines can be a costly experience for the unwary.  Experteas offers a pre-purchase inspection with a three page comprehensive report, with photographs.

You would not purchase a used car without an inspection! An IMA machine is a more significant expense, don't risk it. For a flat rate we will inspect any machine for you. This is an invaluable service for insurance purposes if you have to transport a machine.

References from clients can be supplied on request.

Contact Experteas for rates. Airfares, local accommodation and expenses are in addition to our hourly rate.  We do not charge for transfer times.


email: expertteas@hotmail.com

Phone international  + 61 411 437 030

Phone  local             0411 437 030



 PO Box 441 Ermington

           NSW 1700