IMA speed test


IMA C21 machines should run at 170 bags per minute.

IMA C23 machines should run at  220 bags per minute.

A C21 machine with envelope attachment using a crimp seal should run at 120 bags per minute.

In our experience we have found that the machines we have inspected prior to reconditioning are all running well below capacity.

This is costing you money!

What this means is if we take an average of 15 bags per minute below capacity over one 8 hour shift.

Machine loss = 900 bags per hour or 7,200 bags lost per day

This equals 36,000 bags lost per week, or 1,872,000 bags lost per year

That is 18,720 cartons of 100 tea-bags lost per year.

This loss of production is from one machine only!

Multiply this by the number of machines and the number of shifts.

Can you afford to lose this much production?

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